sample poem screen grab

sample poem screen grab

Text-me / poem-me 2001

The worlds first poetry subscription service for mobile phones. Fredrik set up a mobile phone service website, (today it would have been an app) in which the public could pay to subscribe monthly or weekly to receive poetry on their mobile phones, short enough to be a text message, at a time when the length was severely limited.

The service was automated and they would receive their poetry texts daily or weekly at 10am.

The service was made possible by a talented tech team, and a brilliant producer Dahlan Lassalle. It got a lot of national headlines; was several times front page news on BBC online, as well as being covered by TIME magazine.


The hill

Consisted of a collection of writings by Fredrik, which were based on recorded interviews on the subject of local rumours and hearsay. The aim was to show the need for local myths and legends in order to have a developed sense of belonging to the place you live.

The Hill (working title Memo), was created in collaboration with Alinah Azedeh, during a Labculture Residency at PVA in 2001. It was supported through PVA and Lighthouse, Brighton. It premiered at the Hospital Festival in Brighton and was installed as an interactive wall at Bridport Museum.



Four participative audio, video and print-based media works which used cultural, historical and environmental space to express community identity in Kent. UK. We worked with Swanley School, Tonbridge Age Concerns, Maidstone River communities and Tunbridge Wells Camden Road communities.

Commissioned by West Kent Media Arts Consortium and funded by ACE through RALP. Managed by Wired Women.